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13th December 2018
Highlights From Our First Advent Calendar
[Advent Calendar 2018]

Today we have a little bit of a retrospective. Back in 2012, we held our first advent calendar and so much has happened since then. We had the development and launch of Quantum Break in 2016, and the announcement of CROSSFIRE 2 and Control later in the year with a full reveal of the latter game a few months ago at E3. We also have a lot more faces in the community since, so for today, I wanted to revisit some of those earlier adventures.

It was five years ago so a lot has also changed with the site too; the cat mentioned in the article is a different cat, the writing style has changed, and I've gotten a lot better at cooking... which wouldn't have taken much to be honest.

So when you read these imagine a tinier Jaden with a different cat, and a cold kitchen (because we can't do insulation in the UK), winging it like crazy.

Highlights from our Advent Calendar 2012:

To celebrate the festive season, the wonderful Fred Berman, voice of Barry Wheeler (Alan Wake) and Vinnie Gognitti (Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne) kindly agreed to do an interview with us for our 2012 advent calendar. During our conversation, he spoke about voice acting, how different it is to acting on stage, portraying emotional depth, and who would win in a fight between Barry and Vinnie.

Bird Leg Cabin Gingerbread House
Taking a twist on the traditional gingerbread house design, we made a house in the shape of Bird Leg Cabin from Alan Wake. Less darkness and evil and more tasty. Although it did collaspe into a surprisingly convenient flat pack for storage suddenly and without warning soooooo... maybe a slightly possessed gingerbread?

Remedy-Themed Cupcakes
Following the Bird Leg Cabin gingerbread house, I decided that there wasn't enough sugar in the house, so I made some cupcakes, decorated with designs inspired by Remedy's titles.

Alan Wake Gingerbread Characters
You have your Bird Leg Cabin gingerbread house and themed cupcakes but what you're really missing is some gingerbread men. There's still a possibility that you could run out of sugar and that would be dreadful! So I made some Alan Wake-inspired gingerbread men.

Barry Wheeler Munny
Back in 2012, KidRobot had a store in London, they have since sadly closed down, those traitorous fools. While they were open I picked up a Munny to create an action figure that Funko Pop needs to get to work on, Alan Wake's Barry Wheeler.


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