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3rd November 2018
Remedy Talks to PC Gamer & Official Playstation Magazine

In recent weeks, Remedy has spoken to two magazines; PC Gamer and the Official Playstation Magazine about their upcoming game, Control.

After it's publication in issue 323 of PC Gamer, Andy Kelly's interview with Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) and Sam Lake (Creative Director) was posted in full on the magazine's website. In the piece, they delve deeper into what fans can expect to see in the game, as the team talk about their influences, Jesse's powers, and player freedom. If you missed the issue, you can check out the full article, HERE!

In some ways, Control is a classic Remedy game: a slick, cinematic third-person shooter with a strong narrative focus, a dark atmosphere, and a hint of the surreal. But structurally it’s something completely new for the studio. The Oldest House is a hub of sorts, with missions branching off from it. It’s a place you’ll return to regularly, using newly acquired powers to reach areas that were previously inaccessible.
In the December 2018 (Issue 155) of Official Playstation Magazine, the magazine spoke to Remedy's Communication Director, Thomas Puha about Control's story pace, and the boss fights that Jesse will encounter in The Oldest House. For more information of the issue, check out Playstation Lifestyle's report. Issue 155 is available now!


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