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2nd November 2018
Control New York Comic Con Panel / Part Two
[Questions from the Audience]

Interested in hearing more about Remedy's upcoming title? Part two of the Control New York Comic Con panel is now online on YouTube!

The panel was split into two parts; with the first part discussing how the actors became involved in the project and the roles that they are playing, and the second featuring questions from the audience. The new video is seventeen minutes long and delves deeper into what fans can expect to see in the new game as well as the actors' thoughts on the project.

The panel features familiar names to Remedy fans including Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy), Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden in Control / Beth Wilder in Quantum Break), Matthew "Matt" Porretta (Dr Casper Darling in Control / Mr Scratch and Alan Wake in Alan Wake) and James "Jim" McCaffrey (Zachariah Trench in Control / Thomas Zane in Alan Wake / Max Payne in Max Payne", with the panel moderated by Madeline Ricchiuto (Head Games Writer at Bleeding Cool).

Check out the second part of the panel below!

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