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4th November 2018
Max Payne 2 Anniversary Community Creations

This past October marked a huge milestone, with fifteen years passing since the launch of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne!

The game was the final MP title developed by Remedy, with Rockstar taking over the reigns for the third instalment in the franchise, as the Finnish developer began work on what would be Alan Wake. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the game, the studio and community came together to post their favourite memories and tributes for the title.

Here are just a couple of the posts made about the game on the day by developers and MP2 cast: 

A huge number of Max Payne fans came forward to write their own tribute to the classic title with new articles, artwork, and documentaries. Some posted their favourite levels or merchandise they picked up back in the day with the game, for others they talked about the positive influence the game has had on their professional lives, especially the MP modding scene. 

We've collected just a handful of some of the wonderful tweets and videos posted on the day: 

In case you missed it, we also wrote a Max Payne 2 retrospective, where we delved deeper into the game's development history and looking at how it influenced the studio and the third instalment. It was a really fun project looking back at all the interviews, previews and events taking place during those few months of development and seeing the impact the title would have later. 


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