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1st November 2018
Missed Remedy's Halloween Broadcast? Watch Here!
[Valid for 14 Days]

If you missed Remedy's Halloween livestream yesterday, you can now catch it on the "past broadcasts" tab on their Twitch channel.

Normal Twitch viewers can check out the broadcast up to fourteen days after it aired, whereas Twitch Parners and Turbo subscribers can view it up to sixty days after it aired. So if you don't have a membership on the site, you might want to check out the livestream soon. (If you do miss the deadline, Remedy will be looking for a new home in the future for the archived broadcast after it disappears from Twitch.)

Yesterday, Remedy celebrated the relaunch of Alan Wake on digital marketplaces with a special Halloween livestream. Hosted by the studio's Associate Community Manager, Vida Starčević, she was joined by Creative Director, Sam Lake (Lead Writer on Alan Wake), and Actor, Ilkka Villi (likeness, motion capture, and live action actor for Alan Wake). You can catch the full broadcast on their channel or below!

The livestream was the first broadcast held in the studio's new offices which features a broadcasting room for studio livestreams.

Watch Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi play Alan Wake from RemedyGames on

Also check out this utterly stunning artwork by artist, Rotorri. How amazing is this?!


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