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9th October 2018
[Gamescom 2018] Convention Post-Wrap Up

It's been a while since Gamescom but in the weeks since event doors closed, numerous publications have posted their previews of the game alongside interviews with members of the development team.

Here's our final wrap up post of Gamescom 2018.

- Wallpapers! Control screenshots from the past couple of months have recently been added to the official ControlRemedy Imgur page in beautiful 4K resolution for all your wallpaper needs.

- In Jordan Oloman's article for Daily Star, he breaks down what he saw during the Control Gamescom demo, analysing in detail the graphical improvements since Remedy's previous game and the atmosphere inside The Oldest House.

"The lighting effects in Control are beyond words, and will most definitely utilize Nvidia’s new ray-tracing technology to its full potential. Floating bodies are basked in warped shadows thanks to rays of sunlight shining through blinds. It is a jaw-dropping sight as they sway peculiarly above the player-character, making you ponder their origin and marvel at the surreal, curious environment."

- VG247 spoke to Game Director, Mikael “Mixu” Kasurinen, about Control's story, exploring more about what drew Jesse Faden to the Federal Bureau of Control, and what the media that influenced the development process.
"'There are elements in the world we don’t understand, and that’s what the Bureau is doing – they’re trying to understand,' game director Mikael “Mixu” Kasurinen tells me. 'Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they are baffled because it doesn’t seem to follow any logic or pattern. It was important to us that we created this unexpected, unsettling world. That’s the core premise.'”

- In a new Logitech G video, Matt talks about what he witnessed during the Gamescom behind-closed-doors press preview for Control:

- GameSpace was another website taking notes about the game this past Gamescom, with a brilliant preview and interview posted up in recent weeks. The GameSpace crew spoke with Mikael Kasurinen on the game's interactivity, lore and side quests, among a number of other aspects of the game. He also breaks down how the game's structure is different to Remedy's previous work, and how the developers have used their past projects to build Control's world.

- For Control fans, 505Games created a new Playstation group for the game. It's early days still but in time the group will feature game news, media and more. If you have a PS4, check it out!

- GamesTM magazine spoke with Mikael Kasurinen for issue 205, out now! WCCTech wrote an article based on that interview, exploring the topic of the developer avoiding "fetch quests" in their upcoming game.

[Spain] Spainish gaming website, Desconsolados, also had the opportunity to check out the Control demo during Gamescom this year! Their analysis of what they saw is available to check out on their website now.
Translated with Google Translate: "The subject of the powers was the emphasis in several parts of the demo, especially in the end, when the enemies that Jesse faced also had powers. The ability to fly will also help a lot in the exploration of the scenario, since a new part appears over the area of ​​offices that we had previously visited, and other similar changes. The style with which everything is changing I like it a lot, since it is the most colorful, to see how the pieces are moving to create the new structure."


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