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27th September 2018
Control Heading to New York Comic Con 2018

Teased earlier in the week on Twitter and Instagram for their full reveal today, Remedy has now announced that the cast, as well as members of the development team, will be heading to New York Comic Con next week, with more Control news inbound during the show.

Creative Director, Sam Lake, and lead actor, Courtney Hope, are among the announced guests at the event, with more two cast members due to be announced at the event.

The Control panel will take place at Friday 5th October at 6:30 - 7:30pm in Room 1A18 of the Javits Center.

New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture convention on the East Coast with the show expected to serve 250,000 attendees this year, 50,000 more than in 2017. If you're interested in attended, check out their website, HERE, for ticket information and details on how to activate your badges.


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