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24th September 2018
Petri Alanko Releases New Lowland Album

Alan Wake and Quantum Break composer, Petri Alanko, celebrated a new album release this month under his artist name, Lowland.

We've Been Here Before, described by Alanko as being twenty years in the making, was released by Black Hole Recordings on September 14th. It is available to purchase and download through iTunes, Beatport, Google Play and Amazon.

Click HERE to purchase the new album!

It's also a big month for Alanko as, in addition to the release of the new album, his show Classical Trancelations in Concert is to be held on the 29th of September at Hartwall Arena. If you've been travelling to Helsinki's Central Railway Station by train, you've probably seen the huge posters for it. The show features a hundred and fifty musicians in what the website describes will be one of the "biggest indoor electronic dance music events in Finnish history". For more information, check out the Classical Trancelations in Concert website, HERE.


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