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28th September 2018
New Control Actor Announced!
James McCaffrey Is Control's Zachariah Trench [UPDATED]

The voice of Max Payne, Thomas Zane, and Alex Casey is back! This time, James McCaffrey will be voicing former FBC Director, Zachariah Trench, a majestic name for a majestically moustached man.

McCaffrey will also join Control's Creative Director, Sam Lake, and Lead Actor (Jesse Faden), Courtney Hope at New York Comic Con. For those attending the event, the Control panel will take place at Friday 5th October at 6:30 - 7:30pm in Room 1A18 of the Javits Center. The final panelist and cast member is due to be revealed on Instagram at 12pm EDT (5pm BST) on Monday 1st October.

For Remedy fans, James McCaffrey is a familiar name having voiced some of the community's most beloved characters over the years. His relationship with the developers began in 2001 when he signed on to voice Max Payne, a role that he has carried through to the latest instalment (Rockstar's Max Payne 3) in 2012. While Remedy and Max Payne parted ways after 2003, McCaffrey returned to voice new characters in the Alan Wake series, portraying Thomas Zane and Alex Casey in the main game and first DLC pack.

Anyone else getting slight Cave Johnson or J. Jonah Johnson vibes?


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