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23rd September 2018
EGX 2018 Media Wrap-Up
Control Footage, Show Floor Photos & Dev Diary [Updated]

EGX 2018 closed its doors today, bringing to the end an amazing four day event.

Remedy's Associate Community Manager, Vida Starčević, travelled to England on Friday morning, and took to the Playstation Stage that afternoon to show never-before-seen footage of Control. The pre-recorded demo lasted around eighteen minutes, and followed with a giveaway session of Control-branded t-shirts, badges and stickers. Take a look below for the full EGX demo (starts at 4:33:40).

A number of 505Games community managers were also on site, and published some photos of the work the team was doing at the event on Twitter. You can check some of their lovely photos below:

On the same day as the extended demo, Remedy published the fourth episode of their developer diary series which includes interviews with (Lead Actor) Courtney Hope, (Costume Designer) Heli Salomaa, (Narrative Systems Designer) Eevi Korhonen, (Game Director) Mikael Kasurinen, and (Creative Director) Sam Lake.


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