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22nd September 2018
PAX West 2018 Wrap-Up
Single Player Panel & Interview

While Remedy wasn't at the event showcasing Control, they did make an appearance at this year's PAX West with Thomas Puha (Head of Communications at Remedy) taking to the stage on the Saturday to talk about the future of single player games. While at the show, he also spoke to Big Shiny Robot about Control's combat and gave away merchandise to Remedy fans on the show floor.

Following the "Single Player Is Dead: Long Live Single Player" panel at the event, Control's publisher, 505Games, uploaded the discussion in full on their YouTube channel. The session is an hour long and focused on the position that single player experience has in the industry, and how developers are changing and keeping the genre alive.

The panel features a number of developers from their partnered studios including Thomas Puha (Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment), Paul Neurath (Game Director at OtherSide Entertainment), Koji Igarashi [IGA] (Executive Producer at ArtPlay, Inc.), Peter Bartholow (Lab Zero Games). The panel was moderated by Imran Khan (Senior Editor at Game Informer).

Thomas also spoke to Big Shiny Robot about what players can look forward to in Control. "At PAX West, we got a chance to speak to Remedy's Head of Communications, Thomas Puha. We talk about the sounds a gun can make. A "shape-shifting gun." Does the gun shift shape? Does what the bullets hit change shape? More questions than answers but the interview is solid." The full nineteen-minute interview can be listened to on Soundcloud, HERE.

There were also a number of social media posts made from the show floor:


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