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21st September 2018
Control Developer Diary #4: Introducing Jesse Faden

The fourth Control Developer Diary is now out! In the latest instalment of the series, we hear from Courtney Hope (Lead Actor), Heli Salomaa (Costume Designer), Eevi Korhonen (Narrative Systems Designer), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), and Sam Lake (Creative Director), about Remedy's new and first heroine, Jesse Faden. The new video is also packed full of behind the scenes footage and new concept artwork.

In case you missed it: in the first episode, the team talked about how they approached Control's world and how they changed their approach to narrative while still focusing on the story. In the second episode they delved deeper into the gameplay and allowing the player to explore their own path. And in the third, the developers spoke about The Oldest House, "a world within a location".


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