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19th September 2018
Deerfest 2018 Community Wrap-Up

Deerfest 2018 has come and gone, and we have some pretty cool community creations from it by two talented artists, 03roku and Rudy.

For those who don't know: Deerfest is an annual event in Alan Wake's Bright Falls which takes place in mid-September, celebrating community and friendship. It's the town's main festival and features hunting competitions, parades, and food, all while celebrating the importance that the deer has on the county. This year, the event is made a little more special with the announcement just days before that Remedy is working with Contradiction Films to bring an Alan Wake television show to fans.

Let's get to the awesome community creations! 

The wonderful 03roku was back again with a new piece of artwork celebrating the recent announcement that Remedy is working with Contradiction Films to bring an Alan Wake television show to fans and the arrival of Deerfest. Their work is incredible and insanely sweet, and over the years they've built up an amazing collection consisting of over a hundred different pieces paying tribute to Remedy's games and commemorating community events.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Tumblr for more adorable pieces! 

Another talented and active artist in the Alan Wake community is the lovely Rudy who has also been around the fandom for several years by now. He has created a number of gorgeous pieces dedicated to the game and its live action show, Bright Falls. His recent piece, in time for Deerfest, was dedicated to the latter which showed Jake Fisher clinging to the side of the cliff face. The piece is stunning with a keen eye for detail and wonderful colours.

You can follow his adventures on Picarto and Twitter!

And if you missed it, we also had a post celebrating the occasion. We did things a little different this year with a Bright Falls infographic on the festival:


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