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18th August 2015
03roku's 100+ Artwork Milestone

So, this post actually marks the 1000th post on The Sudden Stop (it's been around for a little while now) and for it I wanted to have a not-your-average update. It seems that recently there's been a series of milestones for artists in the Remedy community such as Kristy's achievement in February and 03roku's recently.

If you following this site or the Alan Wake tag on Tumblr, chances are that you'll encountered 03roku's incredibly sweet work. Whenever there's a celebration such as an anniversary, a big Remedy event or a Tumblr community challenge, a new piece is never far behind.

The first image was put online back in December 2012 since then over 100 have been created and uploaded. To this day, the total is actually around 115.
What I love about the work is its lightheartedness. While the majority are Alan Wake inspired, there's a few Quantum Break pieces there too. With the former series, darkness, isolation and self doubt are major themes. It's so unusual to see Alan drawn in pastels or Mr Scratch as an impossibly sweet cat, that they do leave an impression with you. They're all incredible creative and explores the series in a way we haven't seen before. It's like the art equivalent of comfort eating; they're perfect no matter how you're feeling but especially so if you're having a bad day.

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