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17th September 2018
PC Gamer Spotlights Control in Latest Issue

PC Gamer recently revealed their latest magazine cover, which features gorgeous never-before-seen Control artwork created by Remedy's in-house art team. The issue (number 323) is also packed with more information about the game and features interviews with Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake, and Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen.

A special issue with an alternative Control cover is being sent to subscribers, featuring an impressive piece of concept artwork.

In addition to focusing on Control, it's also PC Gamer's Gamescom Special with highlights from Anno 1800, Sekiro, Mount & Blade II, Devil May Cry 5, and more. The writers also cover QuakeCon, World of Warcraft, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Two Point Hospital, Donut County, and gaming hardware.

Source: Phil Savage / Twitter


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