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23rd August 2018
[Gamescom 2018] Day #2 & 3 Wrap Up
RTX Dev Interview, Second WIP Video, New Preview

We're back for day two and three of our Gamescom media wrap up!

As the third day was fairly quiet in terms of new Control news, we've grouped together the past two days in a double feature. You can check out all the announcements from the past 48 hours below:

A couple of weeks ago, the ControlRemedy Twitter page revealed a work-in-progress demo of a new gameplay mechanic that the team had been working on. In the video, Jesse could collect and throw enemies using her powers. On Wednesday, a second WIP demo was released showcasing the protagonist's service-weapon. Even though it's still a work-in-progress the look and video is sleek, and provides a perfect reference shot for artists in the community.

In a new article, IGN breaks down the behind-closed-doors Gamescom demo in an in-depth preview, delving into the game's boss fights, Jesse's service weapon, and the mysterious Hiss. The preview also comes with five never-before-seen screenshots featuring some of the dangers the new Director will face.

DigitalTrends featured the eleven games due to support the newly announced Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2000 series in a new post. Among the list of titles are ControlAssetto Corsa, Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and more.

On the topic of Nvidia, the company published a new video talking to the developers working on games which will be embracing ray-tracing. In the trailer, they spoke with Remedy's co-founder, Markus Mäki, and Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, about the benefits of the RTX and how it has streamlined certain sections of development.

Remedy's Head of Communications, Thomas Puha talked to PCGamesInsider about the third Remedy project currently being worked on at the studio. Little is known about the game so far, except what has been teased in the February and August financial reports; that it's in the early planning and negotiating with potential publishers stage. In the interview, Thomas expands on the importance of working on multiple project.


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