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20th July 2018
Control's Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen Talks to Dual Shockers

Earlier today, DualShockers uploaded their interview with Control's Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen, conducted at this year's E3.

During their interview, Mikael talks about going multi-platform, getting the right publisher for the title, and takeaway lessons from Quantum Break. For Control, the team approached the title differently compared to its predecessors, "when you look at the structure of Control, it’s very different as I said. We’re going for this Metroidvania but with more of a direction. It’s more open-ended and the player can choose what to do. The main story is just one story among others. You can go on side missions, you can explore, and we’re planning on having other game modes as well that you can engage in. Even after the main story is done, the world doesn’t end there. It keeps existing and you can go back to those side missions you might have missed before or explore more. There are a lot of more mysteries to uncover than just the main story itself."

Check out the full interview with DualShockers, HERE.


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