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19th July 2018
Remedy's Latest Finlandization Trip [Taste of Helsinki]

As part of the international relocation program, Remedy arranges group gatherings to help new employees and their families discover their new home. In Remedy's latest LinkedIn article, Finlandization Event Coordinator, Kathrin Deter, talks about the group's latest trip to the Taste of Helsinki festival.

Taste of Helsinki is a three-day culinary festival with a wide variety of local dishes and drinks created by a number of different vendors. For more information about the event, click HERE.

In the article, Kathrin talks about the history of Finnish foods and how that has led to traditional dishes and flavours, but she also talks about why the Taste of Helsinki event was specifically chosen for the Finlandization trip, "experiencing food as a team or a group is so natural to begin with, people meet up for dinner and bbqs, and a fancy picnic is just the perfect way to take this to the next level. Especially for new Helsinkians, the culinary part is often pretty far away from their daily life if it’s not a particular interest to them."

To read the Kathrin's full article, click HERE.


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