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21st July 2018
Remedy Clarifies Alan Wake and Quantum Break IP Owners Following Interview

Yesterday Remedy tweeted a public clarification about the IP owners for Alan Wake and Quantum Break following confusion from the recent article and interview.

The article features an interview with Remedy's CEO, Tero Virtala, and originally wrote that both Alan Wake and Quantum Break IPs were owned by Microsoft, as interview context. Instead, Microsoft owns the Quantum Break IP, and Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP.

The studio tweet was a public reply to IGN who tweeted about the interview with the comment "Remedy Entertainment wants Alan Wake and Quantum Break sequels, but Microsoft owns the rights to both." While a number of publications have reported similar information, IGN looks to be the only one who received a direct correction from Remedy, at least the only public correction.

While some good seemed to come out of the mistake; Alan Wake fans have been more vocal about  wanting Microsoft to get involved for the sequel, proving that there's still interest in the series' continuation. Even if it Microsoft can't provide a suitable deal for the game, it also shows other publishers that it's an established and enthusiastic audience.


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