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18th July 2018
OutsideXBOX's Remedy-Themed Show of the Week [6/7]

The wonderful team behind OutsideXBOX recently dedicated their regular highlight, Show of the Week, to all things Remedy!

Hosted by Andy Farrant and Jane Douglas, the duo talks all things Control as they reflect on what they saw during their behind-closed-doors E3 demo.

The episode features in-depth discussions regarding how the game compares to its predecessors, its open world elements, and "deviating fridges"... it's a Remedy thing.  They approach their discussions in a very easy-to-understand way so if you're a long-time RMD fan or if Control will be your first game, you will be able to follow everything. The team is also behind one of my favourite Control-related E3 pieces, Control Gameplay: 7 Freakiest Things We Saw in Remedy's Control Gameplay, which I also recommend checking out if you haven't already!

The episode concludes with Mike Channell challenging Andy to complete an arcade level of Alan Wake's American Nightmare and complete the achievement "Skill Beats Gun" which involves the player using nothing but flares to keep away the Taken for the duration of the level.


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