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15th June 2018
TrueAchievements Catches Control's Online Co-Op Label

The lovely folks at TrueAchievements had eagle eyes to catch a surprise announcement for Control coming from its XBOX store page. It turns out that Remedy's upcoming game may feature online co-op.

As the teaser was revealed (what looks to be accidentally) through the XBOX site, it doesn't go that much further into talking about the online co-op function than in the list of "capabilities". It could be that both players are Jesse Faden, or neither players as her if it's a different story mode. Personally I like the idea that one plays as Jesse and the other plays as Steve from Accounting who is just REALLY INTO lizards so much so that The Hiss was like "....ehhhh I'm good, I've corrupted just so many people already, I'm a bit knackered."

We'll have to wait until Remedy and 505Games are ready to announce the feature officially, but if it does go ahead, it would make Control the first AAA Remedy to feature multiplayer. The only title previously released from the studio to offer multiplayer has been Death Rally in 2011, which allowed players to compete against friends.

For more information, check out TrueAchievements article, HERE.

Thank you to TrueAchievements for the catch and to their lovely Feature Editor and Remedy nerd, Mark, for the heads up!


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