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13th June 2018
Day 1 of E3 2018 Wrap Up
[Interviews & Reactions from Control's Demo]

Following all the anticipation the pre-show media briefings created, we're into the first day of E3, and for the Remedy away team attending the event it's been a busy one!

In addition to the Control press booth in the 505Games area, Thomas Puha (Head of Communications), Anna Megill (Narrative Lead), and Sam Lake (Creative Director) have been doing interviews with various media outlets about their latest game. Here's a wrap up of the (currently uploaded) Control-related articles and interviews.

[This post will get updated with more throughout the day as they're uploaded.]

Some of those interviews published on Day One:

Giant Bomb at Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 1
     Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb at Nite talks to Remedy's Narrative Lead Anna Megill. The segment lasts from 2:17:30 - 2:50:10.

GI Show - Forza Horizon 4, Ori, And Remedy's Control [Developer Roundtable]
     Game Informer
"Game Informer's Ben Hanson interviews Forza Horizon 4's creative director Dan Greenawalt, Remedy's Thomas Puha, and the director of Ori and the Will of the Wisps Thomas Mahler about E3 2018, working with Microsoft on the Xbox One, and the creation of Remedy's Control with 505."

Control Gameplay Explained | E3 2018
"We talk to Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Games and face of Max Payne, about the studio's newly revealed supernatural shooter Control. The whole game takes place inside one mysterious building, which shifts and changes as you become more powerful."

Control by Remedy First Look at E3 2018
Anna Megill talks to Engadget in a one-to-one interview discussing what Remedy has in store for us.

Remedy's Control Might be the Studio's First Major Game That Puts More Emphasis on Gameplay than Narrative
"We spoke with narrative lead Anna Megill and she explained how the studio hopes to tell another incredible story while somewhat switching up the format of the gameplay. 'I think it has been challenging for Remedy in a lot of ways because they're all very used to telling these linear stories. It has been a learning experience,' Megill said. 'Remedy likes to push the envelope on things and try to do things in a different way than everyone else has done.'"

Read Anna's full interview with Destructoid, HERE!

A collection of demo impressions from E3's first day:

E3 2018: Alan Wake Dev's New Game Is Unbridled Action Driven By Dream Logic
"Enemies in Control are--based on what we've seen so far--varying levels of corrupted federal agents, though what exactly has corrupted them in the first place remains one of the game's great mysteries. Some look like typical gun-toting sentries, but the more tainted beings resemble human-like ghouls--pale skinned and erratic, they are far more unpredictable and help sell the strange atmosphere Control's going for. Though all things considered, Control is plenty weird as it is."

Click HERE to read Gamespot's opinion from Control's demo.

In Control, Your Gun is Basically Excalibur
"Perhaps the oddest aspect of the whole thing is your Service Weapon. You're an agent and it's your sidearm, but it’s unique and the capitalisation is earned because, as Remedy’s creative director (and face of Max Payne) Sam Lake readily admits to us: 'It's our modern take on the King Arthur legend.'"

Click HERE to read more about what PCGamesN had to say about the game's combat.
Remedy's Control Brings Rad Environmental Destruction to a Very Freaky House
"Remedy's seventh game is the surrealist third-person shooter Control. You play as Jesse Faden, who stumbles into a strange, brutalist building called The Oldest House. This labyrinthine, shifting space is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, and you'll explore its many mysteries over the course of the game."

Click HERE to read PCGamer's full article.
E3 2018: Control is like a Supernatural Quantum Break
"You play Jesse Faden (played by Quantum Break’s Courtney Hope), the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. She’s been promoted there in the wake of the death of the previous director, and with that promotion comes certain...abilities, which will be useful in defending against The Hiss, a strange force that has invaded our reality and corrupted Bureau workers."

Click HERE to read IGN's preview.


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