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12th June 2018
Remedy Roadshow [E3 2018] Episode #1: LA Confidential
[Plus Thomas' Control Announcement Letter]

Teased in Thomas Puha's (Head of Communication) Control announcement letter earlier today, Remedy have started their new YouTube series, Remedy Roadshow.

Remedy Roadshow takes fans on a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the more unseen moments in the games industry; the travel. In the first episode, the Remedy away team travels to Los Angeles in secret and prepares for the announcement of their latest game, Control.

"Watch the first episode of our travel vlog! See how we got to LA totally incognito and geared up to announce Control at the Sony press conference. Join Thomas and the rest of the team for a behind the scenes look at the first leg of our LA trip!"

Thomas' letter also promised more Control related goodness and communication from the studio, much like the Remedy Roadshow, before the "next big game conference".

In addition to talking about studio communication, Thomas also revealed some more details about the game, revealing that it's a "gameplay-driven experience" with upgradable supernatural abilities and a customisable Service Weapon. Control is described as a "less linear of an experience" compared to previous Remedy titles with more of a sandbox approach holding many secrets. So lots to explore!


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