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18th February 2018
Remedy's 2017 Financial Report Summary
[Relocation, "P7" Release Target, and a Third Game...]

There's nothing quite like relaxing on a quiet Sunday with a cup of coffee, cookies and...a fourteen page financial report? Okay, I'll admit, it was actually pretty interesting! There has been some discussion in the gaming community lately about Remedy working on an unannounced third title, as well as a targeted launch date for "P7".

Sites such as GamingBolt, USGamer, and Playstation Lifestyle have all written reports of a similar nature in English, but the stories have also been picked up and shared in multiple languages. Some of the companies cite other similar articles discussing the topic, but a few mention the original source; Remedy themselves.

In their 2017 Financial Statement, Remedy reveals some interesting changes and developments taking place at the studios:


  • Number of employees is now 149 (up from 135 in 2016, 10.4% increase).
  • 61% of the team is Finnish, 39% are international developers who have relocated.
  • There are twenty different nationalities at the studios.
  • Remedy are planning to move (renovated) offices due to expansion. 
  • The new offices will be located at Olarinluoma, Espoo. (Lease was signed in 2017.)

  • Increased operating expenses due to P7 (partly self-financed) and strengthening of the Northlight technology development team.
  • Northlight team focused on multiplayer, AI and animation technology.
  • Preliminary preparations are underway for a third game in development

  • Crossfire 2 deadlines met and the game is progressing to schedule. Development continues into 2018.
  • Crossfire 2's development plans and commercialisation is under Smilegate Entertainment's control.
  • "P7" is expected to release in 2019.
  • Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare's revenues have increased from 2016.

The information above was taken from the English translation of the Financial Statement which is made available via the Remedy website. The 14-page English booklet is a redacted version, with some share and financial information removed from the Finnish edition, in compliance with the country's legislation.


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