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15th February 2018
Steam's Lunar New Year Sale Has Begun

Happy Lunar New Year! This year marks the year of the dog! To celebrate the occasion, Steam is running a sale from today until Monday 19th February.

The sale sees hundreds of games now discounted, giving gamers the perfect opportunity to buy that game they've been meaning to get, or to surprise a friend with an item on their wishlist.

For Remedy fans, there's a few of the developer's titles which has had a price reduction. While both versions of Death Rally and Alan Wake's American Nightmare remains at full price, games like Quantum Break and Max Payne have great offers.

Quantum Break is currently available at 75% off on Steam, with the gorgeous soundtrack by Petri Alanko seeing a 50% price reduction. With the Max Payne series, both Remedy titles are 65% off, or 70% off if you purchase them together.


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