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19th February 2018
Lunar New Year 2018 Community Wrap-Up

Happy Lunar New Year! This past week saw the turn of the new year celebrating the dog. Many capital cities around the globe held their own festival commemorating the new start but the internet has also been ablaze with celebration!

According to the festival website, Chinese New Year takes place over twenty three days, so there's still a long time to go before the end. The event is split into three sections; Little Year, Spring Festival, and the Lantern Festival. The Little Year takes place for eight days between the 8th-15th February and focuses on preparation. The Spring Festival begins on February 16th and ends March 2nd, and is considered to be the main celebration. Preparations for the Lantern Festival takes place from February 27th onwards, with the climax of the event on March 2nd when the festival is held. The dates and the duration of the celebration varies depending on personal choice or location. So in a sense, this post isn't so much of a wrap-up than a summary of the events so far.

In celebration, Steam ran a Lunar New Year Sale with thousands of titles available at a discounted price. The sale included a few Remedy titles in the mix including Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Quantum Break, and the Quantum Break Soundtrack. The sale is still going on but will end later today at 10am Pacific.

(GOG is also running a Lunar New Year Sale, but no Remedy games are part of their sale.)

Carla (now @Tcmexphony, formally @TotecTripled) also created a series of gorgeous Remedy fan art for the occasion, taking inspiration from Max from Alan Wake in honour of the Year of the Dog. Look how great it is!


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Icons by the incredible, Evil-Owl-Loki.

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