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19th January 2018
Year in Review [2017]

A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to another year. 2017 was a weird year for sure with some of the news around the globe feeling a little less like reality and a little more like a distopian sci-fi novel... we got a new Star Trek series, so at least there's that! In terms of Remedy-related activities, 2017 was a busy year with the company joining the stock market, old faces leaving, new faces coming in, and much, much more. It's always really nice to write these "year in review" articles, it also takes a tiny eternity, but it has a nice sense of closure... I wonder what 2018 will have in store for us.

Without further ado, here's our look back at 2017:

5th January 2017 - Suomen Pelimuseo Opens
A museum celebrating the Finnish gaming industry opened its doors in January! Among the collection is the CFR which was used during the live action sequences in Quantum Break. The exhibit is located at Museokeskus Vapriikki in Tampere, Finland. 

10th January 2017- Remedy Starts Developer Interviews
Remedy's Head of PR, Thomas Puha, started a new feature on the official Remedy site in which he spoke to developers about life at the studio.

14th January 2017 - D.I.C.E and VES Nominations
Quantum Break was nominated for "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project" (VES) and the "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" (D.I.C.E).

27th January 2017 - 3rd Eye Studios Founded
UploadVR published an article in late January focusing on the newly-launched, 3rd Eye Studios. The VR company was founded by former Remedy employees.

3rd February 2017 - Community Spotlight: Evil-Owl-Loki
Part two of a community spotlight focusing on Mary's amazing Quantum Break and Alan Wake fan art. [Photo credit: Evil-Owl-Loki].

4th February 2017 - The Sudden Stop's 5th Anniversary
We launched five years ago! Yay, cake!

14th February 2017 - Quantum Break Valentine's Day Puns
Valentine's Day came back around again last year and it was Quantum Break's turn to get the cheesy card treatment.

16th February 2017 - Alan Wake on PC Anniversary
The original Alan Wake game launched five years ago, just days before the follow-up game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. More cake!

19th February 2017 - NAVGTR Nominations
Quantum Break was nominated for six categories at the NAVGTR 2017 awards!

22nd February 2017 - American Nightmare's 5th Anniversary
Alan Wake's American Nightmare celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017. In honour of the milestone, we wrote five facts about the arcade game.

21st March 2017 - NAVGTR Winners Announced
Aidan Gillen won the category of "Best Performance in a Drama (Supporting)" at the NAVGTR Awards!

23rd March 2017 - Alan Wake Won TA Playlist Poll
True Achievements started a new feature, the TA Playlist; each month the community would vote on the game they want the staff to focus on over the next few weeks. Alan Wake won with 1255 votes, becoming the first game to get the TA Playlist treatment.

5th April 2017 - Quantum Break's 1st Anniversary
To celebrate a year since Quantum Break's release, we put together a list of five unused concepts which almost made it into the game. Happy Anniversary Jack!

9th April 2017 - Community Spotlight: Katerina
In early April, we spoke to the lovely Katerina (aka Seacat2401) about her Alan Wake artwork for our second Community Spotlight of the year. [Photo credit: Katerina].

11th April 2017 - Financial News, Board Members & PS4
Positive financial results started Remedy's packed April press release. In the same piece, the company revealed new board members, Henri Ă–sterland & Jussi Laakkonen. They also announced that their in-house engine, Northlight is being developed for the PS4!

16th April 2017 - Quantum Break Themed Easter Egg Painting
I fulfilled a childhood dream of egg painting last Easter, taking on a Quantum Break theme for my first attempt!

18th April 2017 - Remedy Devs Share Quantum Break Memories
To commemorate Quantum Break's first anniversary, Remedy developers were asked to name their fondest memories from working on the title.

27th April 2017 - Community Spotlight: Bina
We spoke to songwriter, Sabrina "Bina" Bianca about her experiences creating her Alan Wake fan tribute song. [Photo credit: Bina].

29th April 2017 - The Finnish Game Awards
Remedy took home a trophy for Quantum Break at the Finnish Game Awards 2017. The game won the "The Big Screen Game of the Year" category. [Photo credit: Remedy].

3rd May 2017 -  505Games Announced as P7's Publisher
In early May, 505Games was announced as the publisher for Remedy's upcoming game, currently codenamed "P7". The press release goes on to announce that the game will be developed for the PS4, PC and XBOX One and will be available in digital and retail formats.

15th May 2017 - Alan Wake Leaves Digital Stores
In sad news, Remedy announced that the original Alan Wake title would be pulled from store shelves due to expiring music licenses, on 15th May 2017, seven years after the game's launch. The price was reduced by 90% for the final days.

20th May 2017 - Loading Ready Run Takes on Alan Wake
Canadian comedy group, Loading Ready Run has often spoken fondly of Alan Wake, so when the game will pulled from store shelves in mid-May they focused on the title across a range of shows on their channel. [Photo credit: LRR].

18th May 2017 - £1405.60 Raised for Cancer Research UK!
Our Monarch Gala Auction and Spring Charity Auction raised £1405.60 for Cancer Research UK! A huge thank you to Remedy (especially Lauri and Mikki) and Poets of the Fall (especially Captain) for sponsoring the event. [Photo credit: Remedy].

29th May 2017 - Remedy Joins NASDAQ First North Finland
The studio took a giant leap in late May when they joined the stock market, and began operating under "Remedy Entertainment Plc". [Photo credit: NASDAQ].

31st May 2017 - Sam Lake's Digital Dragons Keynote Uploaded 
Digital Dragons uploaded a recording of Sam Lake's recent, brilliant lecture on "The Remedy Story So Far."

10th June 2017 - Amelia Rose Blaire Announced Her Engagement
A personal milestone, Amelia Rose Blaire (who plays Amy in Quantum Break) announced on Twitter that she was now engaged to boyfriend Bryan. We wish them both all the best! [Photo credit: Amelia's Twitter Page, Announcement Photo].

24th June 2017 - Max Payne Retribution Launches
After months of hard work, Nocturnal Pictures released their love letter to Max Payne, a forty-four minute fan film which embraces the series' dark and gritty nature. [Photo credit: Nocturnal Pictures].

30th June 2017 - Petri Alanko Teases New Album
Alan Wake and Quantum Break's composer, Petri Alanko teased his upcoming album with the first single, The Other Side, on Instagram.

2nd July 2017 - Sam Lake at Tribeca Games Festival
Neil Burger and Sam Lake talked about stories during the first Tribeca Games Festival last year.

14th July 2017 - Tatu Aalto's Digital Dragon Lecture Uploaded
Remedy's Senior Graphics Engineer, Tatu Aalto, spoke to attendees at his lecture "Rendering in Northlight & Quantum Break: How to build pretty pixels". The recording was uploaded onto the Digital Dragons YouTube channel in mid-July.

20th July 2017 - Ashmores Celebrate Birth of Baby Boy
Quantum Break's lead actor, Shawn Ashmore announced on Instagram that his wife, Dana, had given birth to their first child!

2nd August 2017 - Remedy and Nvidia Announces Partnership
Remedy and Nvidia announced a partnership to help streamline motion capture using reference footage of an actor to create a digital model who can respond with similar expressions to an audio recording.

20th August 2017 - Quantum Break Joins Enhancement Program
During the Microsoft Gamescom conference, Aaron Greenberg and Shannon Loftis announced that Quantum Break will be one of the games receiving a free 4K update in at Gamescom 2017!

21st August 2017 - Community Spotlight: Lindsey
We spoke to Lindsey, a cosplayer whose brilliant version of Sarah Breaker caught our eye. [Photo credit: Lindsey].

16th September 2017 -  Desert Prayer Fully Funded
Amelia Rose Blaire's latest project, a short film called Desert Prayer, received the full target amount for its crowd-funding campaign. [Photo credit: Desert Prayer Indiegogo].

18th September 2017 - Clara Wake Talks The Modern Myth
Kristy, also known as InvisibleRain, has created dozens of beautiful pieces of Alan Wake fan art over the years, but she's put all that on hold to pursue her childhood dream (motivated by the game) of writing and publishing her own book. [Photo credit: Clara Wake/Kristy Seddon].

17th September 2017 - Max Payne...16 Years Later Retrospective
YouTube channel, Raycevick, created a special retrospective celebrating 16 years of Max Payne.

21st September 2017 - POTF Release Moonlight Kissed Video
Poets of the Fall, the real life band behind the Old Gods of Asgard, released their latest music video, Moonlight Kissed. The video is available to watch on their YouTube channel, and in 4K.

30th September 2017 - Rumour: Max Payne 2 Coming to PS4?
Details emerged in late September that Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne could be heading to Playstation 4. Information posted on the ESRB site revealed the age requirement for the game on the new console.

1st October 2017 - Inktober Starts!
The month-long sketch challenge began! Throughout October, community members posted a series of wonderful artwork dedicated to Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. [Photo credit: Jake Parker].

4th October 2017 - American Nightmare Joins the Humble Trove
Alan Wake's American Nightmare joins the catalog of free games available to Humble Monthly subscribers. A percentage of the subscription price going directly to charity.

6th October 2017 - One Special Day raises £300,000
SpecialEffects helps make gaming more inclusive by funding and building unique gaming setups for people with disabilities. During their 2017 fundraiser, One Special Day, they received triple their target amount of £100,000.

12th October 2017 - Mikko Rautalahti Departs Remedy
Remedy's Narrative Lead, Mikko Rautalahti announced his departure from Remedy in mid-October, moving on to Next Games as their Narrative Director. [Photo credit: Mikki's Twitter Page, Professional Headshot].

31st October 2017 - Halloween! 
This past Halloween was filled with new Remedy-themed community projects including new artwork and carvings. [Photo credit: Alessa].

7th November 2017 - XBOX One X Launches
Microsoft's latest console, the XBOX One X, launched in early November with a free 4K update for Quantum Break.

10th November 2017 - Community Spotlight: Karina
Throughout Inktober, some community members dedicated days to their favourite Remedy title, including Karina who was our community spotlight in November for her amazing and stylish work. [Photo credit: Karina].

16th November 2017 - Mika Reini Departs Remedy 
After seventeen years at the company, Mika Reini (Chief Financial Officer at Remedy) announced that he was departing the company for new and personal adventures in January.

18th November 2017 - Anna Megill Named as New Narrative Lead
A few months after joining Remedy as a Senior Writer, Anna Megill was named as the studio's Narrative Lead. She is currently working on "P7". [Photo credit: Anna Megill, Remedy Dev Interview].

23rd November 2017 - Sam Lake & Minttu Wikberg's Book Launch
Writer, Sam Lake, and artist, Minttu Wikberg, teamed up to create a children's book called Milla Marble and the Missing Grandma (Milla Marmori ja kadonneen mummon mysteeri, in Finnish)!

29th November 2017 - Max Payne 2... 14 Years Later
Two months after their Max Payne retrospective, Raycevick returned to the series, this time taking a close look at the second instalment of Max's story.

4th December 2017 - Max Payne iOS Patch (1.5v)
The original Max Payne game was relaunched on mobile devices back in 2012, but the iOS version received a recent patch making it compatible with iOS 11.

6th December 2017 - Finland Celebrates 100 Years
2017 marked 100 years of Finnish independence! As the sixth of December is a bank holiday, companies celebrated the milestone on the fifth. [Photo credit: Jussi Hellsten].

8th December 2017 - POTF's Guitarist Founds New Brand
Olli Tukiainen, the lead guitarist for Poets of the Fall (and through them, Old Gods of Asgard) founded his own separate brand called Ollie T. The announcement also included news of the first single and music video, Firefly, available now! [Photo credit: Ollie T, Facebook].

25th December 2017 - Festive Celebrations
Throughout the festive season, fans created artwork to commemorate the time of year, including new pieces from Carla and Katerina. [Photo credit: Carla].

31st December 2017 - End of Year Fan Art Retrospectives
To wrap up the year, active Remedy fan artists; Mary, Charlie and Katerina posted a month-by-month wrap up of their awesome work. [Photo credit: Charlie].


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