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30th November 2017
Sam Lake's and Minttu Wikberg's "Milla Marble and the Missing Grandma" Book Launches

Teased for a November release, Sam Lake's and Minttu Wikberg's new children's book, Milla Marble and the Missing Grandma, is available in bookstores and online stores (with worldwide shipping) now!

The book is published by Cozy Publishing, a Helsinki-based studio and is available in Finnish (Milla Marmori ja kadonneen mummon mysteeri) and in English. The title can be bought in Finland at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa or can be ordered for 23€ from Papercut in time for the Christmas holidays with domestic and international shipping available.

In the book "Milla’s grandma has gone missing," according to the book's official synopsis. "Luckily, Milla will be the world’s second greatest detective when she grows up. She follows a clue – grandma’s red wool thread – into an ADVENTURE waiting in the magical world inside the wall paper in the grandma’s cottage."

To celebrate the launch, Sam and Minttu has teamed up with Marko Saaresto from Poets of the Fall who reads the introduction to the book. You can check out the teaser below:


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