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4th December 2017
Max Payne iOS Version 1.5 Patch
Fixes Issues on iOS 11

The game may have been released sixteen years ago, but this month Max Payne received a new update for the iOS version, making it compatible with iOS 11 devices. The version is marked as "version 1.5", so if you have been experiencing problems lately, you might want to double-check your version.

The update looks to be made exclusively for Apple devices to allow players to run the game on the new software as there's been a lot of feedback about the game crashing early on. Obviously that means that it's unlikely that Android users will be receiving the update.

The sudden patch may be a bit of a surprise after five years since the game was launched, but Rockstar has been active lately in bringing their older franchises back. Back in September it was rumoured that Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne might be coming to PS4, to join the original on the platform. The company are also developing Red Dead Redemption 2 and bringing LA Noire to VR. Rockstar has always been pretty good with bringing older titles to modern machines but in the past year there's been a clear effort to focus on those best loved titles.

Rockstar, I am suspicious, but I am also okay with all of this so....


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