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24th November 2017
Black Friday Deals 2017 Round-Up!

We're just speeding through 2018! Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, and I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful day with wonderful food. Like with every year the Black Friday sales are now upon us with price reductions across numerous Remedy titles (there's also something for Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard fans). Here's your wrap up of sales taking place this weekend.

First up, GAMES! 


- The Humble Store has a sale on Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-80%).
- The Steam Sale has Max Payne (-65%), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (-65%) or both of them together in the Classic pack (-70%). Remedy's latest title, Quantum Break, is also part of the sale at -50%, along with its gorgeous soundtrack by Petri Alanko


If you have Gold membership, you can get further price reductions on their discounts. Quantum Break is -40% (normal) or -50% (Gold). Alan Wake's American Nightmare is -65% (normal) or -75% (Gold). Check out all of the XBOX game sales, HERE.


There's a discount for you too! Max Payne (PS4) is now -30% for normal members and -40% for PS Plus members.


For Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard fans there's a sale on their official store with discounts on numerous items and free international shipping on orders over 100€. There's also a new special item added; 12" vinyl of Clearview signed by the entire band, limited to 50 pieces. Check out the full selection, HERE.


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