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19th July 2017
Watch Sam Lake's Gamelab 2017 & Tribeca Games Lectures

My Twitter feed recently has been pretty packed with tweets complaining about either scorching hot and heavy weather or flash floods and dark overcast skies, in short maybe not the best Summer. So it's maybe not the worst time to sit indoors with a nice cool drink, and watch some videos.

Recently two of Sam Lake's (Creative Director at Remedy) lectures have been uploaded onto YouTube. The first being the Tribeca Games keynote with Neil Burger on narrative in games, which has been reuploaded as the older link has expired. In the second talk, recorded at Gamelab 2017, Sam talks about the new ways of telling stories. Both keynotes are almost an hour long, so tea and biscuits are advised.

Check them out below! 

Tribeca Games 2017

GameLab 2017


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