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20th July 2017
Shawn Ashmore's Instagram Celebrates Birth of Baby Boy!

This week brought the wonderful news that Dana Renee Ashmore and Shawn Ashmore has had their first child!

The announcement was posted on Shawn's Instagram page showing a photograph of his son holding his parent's finger. The name wasn't announced in the post, but if they haven't named him yet, I'd imagine that the baby has other priorities for the first few days like sleeping, crying and filling in tax returns, so he wouldn't mind just yet.

A little while ago, the couple shared a sweet announcement showcasing an ultrasound image of the baby with the comment "only a few short weeks left :)", so it's great to have an update and to hear it's all gone well. I'm certain they're going to be great parents!

This news comes just a few weeks after Amelia Blaire (Amy in Quantum Break) announced that her and partner, Bryan Dechart, are now engaged! It's been a pretty exciting past few weeks for the game's cast. Lots of new beginnings!

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A post shared by Shawn Ashmore (@shawnrashmore) on


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