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11th July 2017
Nocturnal Pictures Turns Their Focus to Bringing Max Payne to TV

Nocturnal Pictures, the team behind the recently released fanfilm, Max Payne Retribution, has announced plans to take their passion further. In a six minute YouTube video, Leroy Kincaide (director) spoke to fans about his dreams of taking the project to televisions studios and creating more adventures for Max and more encounters with familiar faces.

For the project to be a success, the team are rallying supporters to back an online petition, which they hope will be their momentum to get the project off the ground. In the petition description, they write "our goal is to reach over 10,000 signatures so we have good backing and support to speak with the Copyright holders about developing a TV Series in the Max Payne universe."

Max Payne Retribution was built with a budget of £1500, which they consider to be a potential pilot episode and a showcase of their skills. If you would like to help out and support their venture, you can sign their petition expressing your interest in a Max Payne TV series, HERE.


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