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20th November 2016
Max Payne, Alan Wake & Quantum Break Discounts [PS3/PS4, XBOX360/XBOX One & PC]

We've got a lot to get through in this post so let's get to it! If you've been waiting for a discount on the Max Payne, Alan Wake or Quantum Break franchises, you're in luck. Three different stores are running sales on the games meaning that whatever platform you game on there's a sale for you.

Max Payne
To celebrate a decade since the launch of the Playstaton Store, the original Max Payne game is currently 20% off (37% off for PS3 owners). The game is playable on Playstation 3 and 4.

[Click HERE to see the games in the store.]

Alan Wake 
With Black Friday sales looming, Microsoft has gotten a head start and announced discounts on Windows 10, XBOX 360 and XBOX One games. If you're on XBOX 360 or XBOX One, you can purchase Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare (both backwards compatible). The two titles are both 55% off if you have a normal account, and 65% off if you have Gold membership.

If you're a PC gamer, the Alan Wake series is also reduced on Steam, BUT with the game being sold via Bundle Stars. The discount is part of a THQ Nordic Sale. Please note: I haven't used Bundle Stars before but the sale was promoted by THQ Nordic themselves.

[Click HERE for more information on XBOX's Sale]
[Click HERE for more information on the THQ Nordic Sale]

Quantum Break
And finally, if you've been waiting for a sale on Quantum Break, the game is currently reduced in price on the Windows 10 Store and on Steam. The Windows 10 reduction is part of Microsoft's Black Friday sale.

On Steam, the game's price has been temporarily cut by 25%. This discount also extends to the DLC soundtrack pack which is now just slightly over £5.

[Click HERE for more information on XBOX's Sale]
[Click HERE to see Quantum Break on Steam]


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