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23rd November 2016
Community Spotlight: rmilo's Quantum Break Projects

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. This week I wanted to write about rmilo's beautiful Quantum Break artwork! 

This Community Spotlight has been a long time coming. I messaged rmilo back in October about this post annnnd then got three colds in a row followed by two broken bones, and then jet lag... it may not have been my most successful month. This feature never slipped my mind though, and I've been looking forward to writing about the projects that she's been up to these past few weeks. 

If you've visited the Remedy Forums within the past month, you may have seen the "Fracture Day" Community Celebration Wrap Up post in the Quantum Break section, featuring a handmade copy of the Chronon Field Regulator (CFR). The model is the work of the amazing rmilo who has also been pretty active in the game's tag on Tumblr these past few months.

She's not only very talented and creative but the amount of passion that she puts into her work is very clear. From just looking at her CFR, you can see that each section has been carefully constructed, with immense detail given to even small things like the screws and vents. The device isn't symmetrical in the game with each panel presenting something new,  which makes recreating the design a difficult challenge. In addition to the model, rmilo also dedicated several pieces of her "One Sketch A Day" challenge to Jack Joyce's adventures, even going beyond the game events; showcasing some of his adventures before returning to Riverport. The artwork ranges from elegant watercolour paintings to sketches with a unique style, featuring Jack, Beth, Serene, Hatch and Nick, and they all look incredible.

Paul Serene and Jack Joyce.

For the post, rmilo has very kindly taken the time to answer some questions about the artwork and what inspired her. You can read her answers below:

Tell us about yourself! 

I'm an ordinary Russian girl. I like arts, my plants, Physics and sci-fi, also I love a good stories like Quantum Break. Now my main goal is to go to the university, and I hope that I'll be able to do it. About my favorites: my favorite saga is Star Trek. I love in books by Sergei Lukyanenko, Dmitry Glukhovsky and George Orwell. Have you read the book Future by Glukhovsky? If you haven't, I advise to read. It's amazing. I think, you know my favorite game %) Quantum Break is the best game I've ever seen. I study physics and math which is why I love stories like Quantum Break. It looks so realistic and I'm impressed!

How and when did you become a fan of Quantum Break?

By pure accident, I found out Quantum Break. It was in April. Painting arts for school, I was bored, and I turned up my favorite streamer's [channel]. It was Quantum Break. Then I fell in love with the game and now I still love it. %)

Project Promenade. The moment time fractured.

Where did you get your passion for art and why did you want to create QB inspired pieces?

I found inspiration in my friend. Her nickname is Edessa and she loves Quantum Break so much. If I didn't know Edessa, I would have forgotten this game. I doing Quantum Break stuff for her, because she's amazing. I just want to make her happy. :) She's writing wonderful fanfics (about Quantum Break too) but it's in Russian. I also found inspiration in music. Ooh, I found a great singer. I think his songs are about Quantum Break. Yeah, I know this is not true, but texts of songs are perfect for the game. Oh, I forgot, singer's name is Mujuice.

The CFR you created looks incredible! Can you talk a little bit about the process of making it?

I just wanted to do something cool. I like handmade; it's great to do things yourself. And I just haven't got enough money to buy fandom stuff. :D Also it's impossible to find that in the Russia. The work process was enough easy. You can do it yourself! First you'll need to print and cut twelve pentagons. Then you need stick this figure. Next slowly and carefully collect the [panels together to form a] dodecahedron. Then you just paint it like CFR and that's all! Sticking it was enough hard, but I was able to do it. %)

The CFR net.
Painting the model.
[Click the images above for full resolution.]

Rmilo's CFR completed!

What would you like to see in a possible Quantum Break 2?

Mmm I haven't thought about Quantum Break 2 yet. Firstly I want Jack's Chronon Syndrome to progress. Yeah, Jack is protagonist, but he did a lot bad things. I think Jack will crack time, trying to save Beth and Paul (I believe Paul too). Thirdly I want to learn more about Hatch and the Shifters. It's interesting. What do they want? Why? It's pity there a little information about them.

Quantum Break and Life is Strange crossover fan art.

A huge thank you to rmilo for the permission and for the interview! You can follow her adventures and see more of her QB artwork on her Tumblr page, HERE


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