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14th November 2016
iam8bit's Quantum Break Vinyl Shipping Update

Back in April, iam8bit announced a new partnership with Microsoft and Remedy to bring Petri Alanko's amazing Quantum Break soundtrack to vinyl. While the item's ship date has been moved from it's original August release, we've finally have word that it will be launching mid- November. The company has announced a quick statement on their website saying that the items are now in transit to the iam8bit warehouse.

The score will be presented on a 180-gram vinyl, created by Telegraph Mastering Studio, and will be accompied by a digital code. It costs $28 (same for the the US and UK sites) and is limited to only 3000 copies.

It contains thirteen tracks from Quantum Break, composed by the very talented Petri Alanko. There are five tracks on side A ("Meeting an Old Friend", "Campus", "Suite for Time and Machines", "Don't Stand in my Way", "Remote Warning", "Disappearance") and six on side B ("Dodging Bullets", "Beth", "I Kept Waiting", "Goodbye...Again", "Damaged, Together", "Doubt, Despair, Hope", "A Whisper”). It will also come with a digital soundtrack, the code of which will be included with the order. The cover art is by Christina Mrozik and looks absolutely incredible.

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