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13th November 2016
"Media Baron" Quantum Break Achievement Fixed

Completionists who faced an issue with Quantum Break's "Media Baron" achievement on the XBOX One will be relieved to learn that the problem has been fixed and those who have beaten the goal will be receiving a notification when they next sign in.

The "Media Baron" achievement is awarded to players who discover all emails, presentations, TV shows, radios and posters within the game. On the XBOX One, it's worth 20G. For players trying to track down the documents, a guide can be found in the timeline menu which shows grey dots for undiscovered material.

The unlock issue was discussed both on the Remedy Forums and Reddit, but the announcement of the resolution was by Remedy's Head of PR, Thomas Puha. The problem was due to a server issue and not a problem with the title, but has since been corrected.

Source: Twitter


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