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1st November 2016
Alan Wake [Digital Game] Halloween Discounts

It's November! As the Halloween parties and trick or treating dies down, it's time to resume normal, equally terrifying life. Whether you woke up relieved at its passing or slightly hungover, it's time to wrap up this unusual event for another year. One of the ways to achieve this is to make the final tour of the internet, reaping the benefits of the sales before they disappear. Speaking of which, if you want to play the Alan Wake series but haven't yet, now it the perfect time to play it.

Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare is currently available on Steam and GOG at a discounted price.

Steam / Ends 10am PDT Today!
(75% off on all Alan Wake games)
Alan Wake 
Alan Wake Collector's Edition
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Alan Wake Franchise

GOG / Ends This Thursday!
Alan Wake (85% off)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (74% off)


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