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27th October 2016
Incredible Quantum Break Screenshots by Dead End Thrills

When it comes to awe-inspiring screenshots, no one does it like Dead End Thrills. Armed with a custom build, Duncan studies the levels with his unique eye for in-game photography. As games tend to be about intense or enthralling adventures, you can sometimes miss the amount of detail that creates the experience.

His unique look at titles has led him to be sought out by developers, publishers and publications including Square Enix, EDGE, Gearbox, EA and many more. He's also been sponsored and supported by others such as Remedy.

Over the past few days, Dead End Thrills recently turned its attention to Quantum Break. The screenshots are sheer perfection and celebrates the game's intense detail.

Click HERE to see the Quantum Break page on the Dead End Thrills website.

This guy is just ridiculous. Look at this amazing work!


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