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30th October 2016
Max Payne Retribution Trailer Out Now! [M Rating]

While Rockstar has been pretty quiet on the Max Payne side of things of late, the community has been keeping the franchise alive. The series, which celebrated it's fifteenth anniversary this year, has proved to be an enduring classic, and for a UK-based film group, it has been a source of inspiration.

Nocturnal Pictures has been hard at work creating their own fan film entitled Max Payne Retribution, which was partially funded by fan support through Indie-GoGo. The fundraising campaign was started in October 2015 with filming wrapping up June 2016. 

While the full movie isn't out yet, the look and feel of the promotional screenshots and trailers has caught the attention of the Max Payne community. The project is not only unique but blends the team's creative decisions and take perfectly with the original source material. 

Look out for Max Payne Retribution launching mid-2017. 

(Quick Warning: Like the games, the film and trailer looks to be sharing the same mature rating.)


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