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3rd August 2016
Assembly 2016 / Remedy Speakers
[Updated with Lecture Recordings]

Assembly 2016 is fast approaching with the first day of the event starting tomorrow. The three day show is a celebration of the demoscene and takes place in the late summer/early autumn. There's a variety of events taking place during the days including competitions, talks, tournaments and more.

Speaking at the event is Ville Sorsa (Senior Sound Designer at Remedy) and Tatu Aalto (Senior Graphics Programmer at Remedy). The sessions are free but with a 100 seat limit, so entry will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. For more information, click HERE.

UPDATE (9/8/2016): With Assembly now over, the organisers have been uploading lectures from this year's event onto their YouTube channel. This page has been updated with videos of Ville Sorsa's and Tatu Aalto's talks.

Ville Sorsa: Designing Sound for Time Bending Quantum Break 

Time: Thursday 4th July at 20:00
"In this talk Sorsa will go through the audio production process of Quantum Break: The technical and creative design challenges and an overview of creating high level aesthetics. The presentation will give you an unique opportunity to see how the time bending experience of Quantum Break was created and what was learned in the process."

Tatu Aalto: Rendering Quantum Break

Time: Friday 5th July at 17:00
"Quantum Break is a third person action game released early 2016 and is built up by technology developed at Remedy. In this talk we will go over the rendering stages in Quantum Break on high level. The presentation will give you an idea of what is needed for drawing a frame in game."


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