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27th July 2016
Remedy and Smilegate Announces Partnership on CROSSFIRE 2

Huge news from Remedy and Smilegate today! Today at the CROSSFIRE Vision Summit, held in Shangai, Smilegate announced a new partnership with Remedy Entertainment. The two are currently working on CROSSFIRE 2, the next instalment in the series, where the Finnish developer will be focusing on the story mode.

CROSSFIRE is a one of the most played first person shooter multiplayer games worldwide. The title was originally launched in March 2007 before expanding to the western audience in 2011. Since its debut it has attracted more than 500 million players in 80 countries, with 6 million concurrent users. The developer and publisher behind CROSSFIRE is Smilegate. Based in South Korea, Smilegate has released titles such as TalesRunner, AZERA and (of course) CROSSFIRE, since its launch in 2002.

It's going to be interesting seeing how the game is developed and promoted, as well as the final result. The developer's styles appear quite different, so the partnership promises to bring a new twist. Nothing has been confirmed apart from this partnership and that Remedy will be handling the story mode campaign. At the moment, we're not sure which platforms it will be on and when it's due for release. Stay tuned for more details coming later!

Source: Remedy


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