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30th April 2016
Quantum Break Documentaries [XBOX On & Complex]

Whether you were there at the launch of Death Rally or you recently joined the community following Quantum Break, documentaries are a perfect way of finding out more about a game's development than you did before. When I first got into Alan Wake, I bought the Collector's Edition soon after and watched all three of the documentaries that day. So when I heard that a few more videos have been made to celebrate Quantum Break's launch, I was pretty excited.

First up is XBOX On. Just before the release of the developer's latest title, XBOX On travelled back to visit the adventures that were had by Jack's predecessors. They also lightly touch on the Max Payne movie, which I technically class in Rockstar's ballpark because it was five years after they sold the IP and also... well, then I don't have to cover it.

More recently though, XBOX On travelled to Toronto and Helsinki to talk to the cast and developers about Quantum Break. In a second documentary they sat down with Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce), Aidan Gillen (Paul Serene), Courtney Hope (Beth Wilder) and Sam Lake (Creative Director). 

On a related note, Aidan Gillen is surprisingly Irish! I kind of expected that as, y'know, from Ireland but I got so used to the accent he used in Quantum Break that his natural one took me by surprise. I know of actors that are born in a specific country and then move for work and during those years lose their original accent either through intentional adoption of the new location or just through immersion. In my head, that's what happened. The voice actor for Lara Croft, Camilla Luddington, is a perfect example of that; she was born in Ascot in Berkshire but lost her accent when she moved to America and intentionally changed it, so returning to it for TR was an unexpected challenge. I've always been amazed by actors who can adopt and maintain an accent in a role so this was a really nice and cool surprise. Also I'm an idiot and that was an amazingly slow realisation time. :)

The final documentary is by Complex and features a wide range of interviews by developers at Remedy plus guest speakers. The video is an extended look at not only the history of the studio and the games but the press and reception side of it too!


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