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4th May 2016
Community Spotlight: xChibixx's Quantum Break Fan Art & Comic

Community Spotlight is a regular feature which highlights amazing fan projects in the Remedy community. This week I wanted to write about xChibixx and her incredibly sweet Quantum Break fan art. 

When we talk about Quantum Break, we often refer to the gameplay rather than the television show, but xChibixx combines both the live action and in-game elements, in a series of new sketches. As her username suggests, her art style focuses mainly on chibis, but she also explores others techniques from time to time. In recent weeks she has created simply adorable drawings of Liam Burke, Emily Burke, Charlie Wincott and Fiona Miller. (All you can check out below.)

Liam and Emily Burke.
Some of these characters make it into both the show and the game, but some can only be seen in the episodes.
Charlie and Fiona.
In addition to drawing characters from the game, she has also explored her own adventures taking place within the Quantum Break universe. Her deviantArt page, for example, features (at present) ten pages of a new story revolving around Monarch Solutions, and includes a selection of new faces. (You can check out one of the new characters below.)

The comic has actually won my heart with a stutter-defying cat, a concept which I hope will catch on in a possible future sequel...(ey Remedy? Ey?)
On the topic of cats, in the first episode of the official show, Emily tells her husband the dream she has involving Liam turning into a cat. In my head I though maybe a Norwegian Forest Cat given the "large paws" description but xChibixx's version is much sweeter. Look it has a little coat! Look at it! 

xChibixx's Original Character:

You can follow xChibixx's adventures on her deviantArt page, HERE


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