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30th April 2016
Alan Wake & Quantum Break Ringtones
[Plus new QB track by Petri Alanko]

A little while ago, Petri Alanko (Composer) along with Ville Sorsa (Senior Audio Designer) created a series of ringtones for fans inspired by the sounds of Alan Wake and Quantum Break. The tracks are now available to download as an MP3 and M4R on the Remedy site. (Dibs on the Quantum Break Theme 2!)

Also included on the post is a piece from the cutting room floor. The track, Bridges of Hope, is created by Petri but didn't make it into the game, although now it does make it online. If you saw the launch video from Remedy a couple of weeks ago, the track also makes an appearance in the background.

You can check out both the ringtones and the new track on the official Remedy site, HERE.

(The site also includes instructions on how to get the ringtones on your phone. Which is handy because I suck with that thing. I am the worst.)


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