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29th April 2016
Quantum Break's Windows 10 Update Patch #1 [Includes Description]

A couple of days ago, XBOX One owners received a new update for Quantum Break which fixed things like pathing issues for specific characters, subtitles, audio, lighting and a lot more. The patch was pretty extensive and covered a wide range of issues including very rare bugs.The update also sees a change to the menu system and players can now quit the game in the program, without having to go out.

If you have any suggestions or bugs which you want to see addressed, you can get in contact with Remedy through their social media channels (Twitter seems to be the best!) or on the Remedy forum.

Below you can see the full update list for the Windows 10 patch:

Act Fixes/Updates:

  • Act 2 Part 1: Fixed Nick pathing issues
  • Act 2 Part 3: Added collision on time machine corridor to prevent player’s accidentally falling to their death
  • Act 5: Fixed last subtitle going by too quickly to read
  • Act 5: Fixed missing line in Portuguese audio in an Act 5 cinematic

General PC Fixes / Updates:

  • Fixed a few Unicode issues that prevented some users from launching the game
  • Fixed various keyboard input issues
  • Fixed aspect ratio and full screen scaling for non 16:9 resolutions
  • Enable Alt+Enter to switch between full screen and windowed mode
  • Fixed resolution selection when transitioning from windowed to fullscreen mode
  • Fixed frame timing not matching the refresh rate
  • Fixed options menu items being clickable even if they're cropped
  • Fixed 1 px gaps sometimes visible in the PC keyboard key callout backgrounds
  • DRM fixes
  • Unlock descriptions for Will Diary 1 and Will Diary 2 are no longer reversed
  • Credits fixes
  • Fixed Jack’s subtitles not showing in some cinematics
  • Remedy logo fix
  • Fix for a rare bug that accidentally wiped progress after completing the game
  • Fixed rare instances of cloud saves failing and causing loss of progress
  • Fixes for making Xbox Live integration more fault-tolerant.
  • Fixed in-game TV screen images which were sometimes grainy
  • Fixed circular progress bar alpha in the junction stats screen
  • Fixed rendering issues in the menus
  • Fixed issue in renderer when initializing participating media
  • Fixed video playback not always ending if the video was synced to audio

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