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2nd April 2016
On Music, Stories and Joyce / Media Roundup [Updated!]
[Interview with Shawn Ashmore, Sam Lake and Petri Alanko]

We're almost here with Quantum Break! This past week has seen a lot of new information and interviews being posted with some of the developers and cast from the game. With so many turning up, I thought it would be best to create a roundup post of those interviews.

Interviewees include Sam Lake (Creative Director), Petri Alanko (Composer for Quantum Break) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor). You can check out the interviews below:

Quantum Break interview: Sam Lake on storytelling, sci-fi blockbusters, and why it’s ‘the ultimate Remedy game’
Standard / Interview with Sam Lake

“He’s kind of an everyman, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a science experiment dealing with time travel which goes horribly wrong. When do they ever go right?” smiles Sam Lake, the game’s Creative Director.

“He’s blasted with these energies, and from that he gets super powers – powers to manipulate time in different ways.”

Click HERE to read the interview.

Shawn Ashmore Wants Non-Gamers to Take a Risk with Quantum Break
Maxim / Interview with Shawn Ashmore

The immersive storyline of Quantum Break, accompanied by the ideas and motion capture technology from creative company Remedy Entertainment, morphed the 36-year-old actor into a completely different type of superhero.

Shawn spoke with Maxim about Quantum Break's development, comparing Jack Joyce to Bobby Drake, and what's next.

Click HERE to read the interview.

Petri Alanko Exclusive Interview - Part 1
Syfy / Interview with Petri Alanko

The G4 Staff recently got a chance to interview lead composer for Quantum Break, Petri Alanko, and got to know a little more about the EDM and rock-loving musician. A man that's not just relegated to the world of video game compositions, Alanko has worked on almost every type of project a composer can become involved with. You can check out a preview of the Quantum Break soundtrack here as we anxiously await and game's release, and join us below for part one of our exclusive interview with Petri Alanko.

Click HERE to read the interview

Shawn Ashmore on cutting edge in Quantum Break
Canoe / Interview with Shawn Ashmore

Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore is used to watching himself on screen. But killing himself on screen? That’s another beast entirely.

Ashmore, best known for playing Bobby “Iceman” Drake in four of the X-Men film instalments, is the physical and digital star of Quantum Break, an Xbox One title that melds a video game with an episodic TV show in a never-before-attempted way.

Ashmore plays Jack Joyce, an everyday guy who gets swept up in a cataclysmic series of events that ultimately give him time-manipulating superpowers. Facing off against his former mentor Paul Serene (Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen), Jack must ultimately try to stop the literal end of the world.

Click HERE to read the interview.

Shawn Ashmore stars in video game-TV hybrid Quantum Break
CBC / Interview with Shawn Ashmore

The action-adventure, third-person shooter has players take on the role of Jack Joyce, a man with time-manipulation powers. Joyce can use his powers to freeze time and enemies, and manipulate the environments around him.

Ashmore stars as Joyce in-game, but also in a series of live-action cut scenes that mimic a television show. These episodes are interspersed throughout the game, which also stars Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones) and Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost).

"It's almost a superhero origin story," Ashmore told CBC News. "And that's fun because there's these fantastic elements to it, but I also think he's a very grounded character."

Click HERE to read (and watch!) the interview.

A Remedy for Clich├ęs: Sam Lake on Quantum Break
Paste / Interview with Sam Lake

Rather than the story driving the technological developments being implemented in the game, the tech side of things have sometimes pushed development at Remedy. “In Alan Wake we had dynamic shadows, day and night, and dynamic lighting up and running when we were concepting,” he explained, “so before we locked in on the actual Alan Wake idea we were exploring different story ideas that would have themes of light and darkness in there.”

Click HERE to read the interview

Quantum Break Creative Director Tells Us What he Thinks of Life is Strange - Video Interview
Xbox Achievements / Interview with Sam Lake

Quantum Break's Abandoned Prototype Had Crazy Time Powers - Interview
Xbox Achievements / Interview with Sam Lake

Playing Quantum Break with Sam Lake
XBOX ON / Interview with Sam Lake


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