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2nd April 2016
New Quantum Break Wallpapers

Recently, XBOX uploaded a series of new Quantum Break wallpapers to its archive. The new images looks stunning and is a great way to theme your computer, tablet, mobile or console in anticipation of the title. (Just three more days!)

You can view all of the Quantum Break wallpapers, HERE.

The first new image features the entire cast; Beth Wilder, Jack Joyce, William Joyce, Paul Serene and Martin Hatch. There's also a more minimal version of this background available with just features Beth Wilder, Jack Joyce and Paul Serene. The latter looks great too, and perhaps more perfect for tablet and mobile backgrounds, but my favourite is the one below:

The second new background is similar to the "Biggest Games Lineup" promotional photographs that we saw during last year's E3. The images features Jack Joyce looking away, with the Riverport skyline visible behind him. There's a second version of this which features promotional text over the image, reading "Find Power in Time. Jump Head".


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