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1st April 2016
Quantum Break Press Reviews [Full Game]

Today the embargo lifted for reviews for Quantum Break. Copies of the game were sent to journalists weeks in advanced to allow them time to play and replay the title, to ensure they had time and information to write their conclusions on the game.

More reviews available on Metacritic, HERE.

If you're avoiding spoilers, check out The Sudden Stop's non-review spoiler-free glimpse into the game, HERE. It's written specifically for fans who want to a little about how the game works without delving into the story.

Below are a collection of reviews from around the internet:

Game Informer

"Quantum Break is Remedy’s best script to date. The story of Jack Joyce is a pulpy sci-fi tale about a failed time travel experiment that grants two men the ability to manipulate time, and their subsequent battle to save timespace from complete collapse. Throughout this journey, Remedy explores the “rules of time travel” in an interesting way and hints at a larger world through scattered emails and other pieces of ancillary story content that I was actually interested to read. The cast of established actors like Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick also help bring depth to each character, and a few plot twists hold genuine emotional weight."

[Some spoilers, mainly in relation to levels but the review also talks about a little final scene.]

Click HERE to read the full review


"...somewhere in Act Two, I looked forward to finding more and more of the collectibles, and felt like I was getting to know and explore the world of Quantum Break more because of it. Quantum Break is full of little details that often hint at events and history that the game never explicitly details, and that sense that there was much more going on than Jack understood was motivating. I managed to find 97 percent of them on my first playthrough, and now I'm thinking of going back to get the rest."

[Very minor spoilers. Examples are given about what kind of impacts the Junction Moments have, but as a sense of scale rather than discussing actual events or characters.]

Click HERE to read the full review

XBOX Achievements 

[No real spoilers of note.]

The Jimquisition

"When players aren’t zipping around Petyr Baelish’s corporate mooks, they’ll be engaging in simple environmental puzzles or exploring the world for hidden upgrade sources and backstory elements. Each level is littered with logs, computer correspondence, and images that exhaustively detail Quantum’s world, all produced to such a comprehensive degree they’re genuinely fascinating to pore over."

[Possible spoilers. The review talks about main characters near the end of the game.]

Click HERE for the full review.


"Quantum Break's story consists of such numerous moving parts that all come together cohesively. Many see their own opportunity to take advantage of this technology. Others want nothing to do with it and fear it. All the subplots of these individual characters not only function independently, but they also impact every other character in the game. Of course, they don't know what the others are doing, but we do since we are playing. The way that Remedy blends this all together without any major holes in the plot is incredibly intriguing and results in a truly enthralling storyline."

[Some deeper spoilers which talks about the very start of the game and character motivations. Slight references are made to the game's final scene. But the review is perfect if you want an in-depth view of the story and not too concerned about spoilers]

Click HERE for the full review.

True Achievements

"The frenetic shooting gameplay is aided by the fact that Quantum Break's audio and visual design are among the very best I've ever experienced in video games. The world ripples and cracks as you manipulate time and the rush of colors, like vibrant oranges and metallic blues, take precedence when you're screwing with space-time. The game's natural light and facial capture animations are both some of the best this generation has seen so far."

[Minor spoilers for the start of the game, but as an overview of events.]

Click HERE for the full review.

Digital Spy

"It's hard to know where to start with Quantum Break. It's a bit like peanut butter and jam, or sea salt and chocolate. This is a game that has two halves that you really wouldn't think fit together, melding themselves into one mouthwatering combo. Quantum Break is half good-old computer-generated gameplay and half live-action TV series, with both portions jammed full of enough A-list actors to make Steven Spielberg blush."
[Possible spoilers under the "Time to Talk Story" section, but that's really it.]

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Update #1:

PayneReactor / Max Payne Fansite

"And now, I’ve been granted the opportunity to review this game for you and publish my findings along with all the other, much bigger and influential media out there. Even though the history of this fan site might be rich, I still consider these events to be big (personal) milestones. Running and administrating the site eats up a big chunk of my time – which I gladly sacrifice – and also requires some financial investments from time to time. Milestones like these I still appreaciate and make it all worth it."
[Possible spoilers on the first part of the game, easter eggs and live action setup]

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