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29th April 2016
New Quantum Break/Alan Wake Interviews & Articles
[Cam Rogers, Shawn Ashmore, Sam Lake]

In the weeks following Quantum Break's launch, a number of interviews have appeared online. These pieces go into depth about the writing, acting, concept and technology side of the game. If you're interested in learning more about the game's development you can see the recent articles and interviews below:


Time for destruction: the tech of Quantum Break

[with Elmeri Raitanen (senior visual effects artist), Anssi Hyytiainen (scripting lead), Tatu Aalto (senior graphics programmer), Laurent Harduin (senior lighting artist), James Tottman (senior visual effects artist) Greg Louden (senior narrative designer), Henri Blafield (senior technical animator), Antti Herva (lead character technical artist), Kristof Minnaert (senior character technical artist).]

fxguide has been following the development of Remedy Entertainment’s third person shooter Quantum Break for several years. Back in 2013, Microsoft announced the game from the Alan Wake studio with a teaser trailer during an Xbox One reveal event. In it, a young girl seems to hold a special time bending power that reveals a ship crashing into a bridge. That dramatic effect in the trailer - full of destruction - was made possible with Pixelux’s DMM software, a technology fxguide has explored in-depth in other games and film visual effects, and now we wanted to know more.

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How Real Physics Impacted Time-Travel Game Quantum Break 
[with Sam Lake, Creative Director]

On the surface, Quantum Break may seem like just another action-heavy shooter, but it could prove to be one of the most ambitious games released this year. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Alan Wake and Max Payne, it blurs the line between video games and television with a time-travel storyline where player choice impacts not only the direction of the game, but also how episodes of a built-in live action show play out.

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Quantum Break's Shawn Ashmore on the Future of Performance Capture
[With Shawn Ashmore, Lead Actor]

The developer at the centre of this is Helsinki-based studio Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake) but the bloke on the box is Canadian film and television actor Shawn Ashmore.

Read on for Ashmore’s full interview where he discusses the nuances of performance capture, the eeriness of watching a significant other controlling you in a video game, and why he’ll be sending a copy to his twin brother.

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Breaking down Quantum Break's story with Writer, Cam Rogers
[Cam Rogers, Writer on Quantum Break and Author of Zero State]
Windows Central

Last week Microsoft's time-bending shooter, Quantum Break released worldwide, blending a live-action show with a traditional third-person shooter. Whether you've completed the main story or only played the game's first act, it's hard to deny the game's complex, interwoven narrative is one of best parts of the package. We had the opportunity to sit down with author and writer at Remedy Entertainment, Cam Rogers, to discuss the creative process behind Quantum Break's story and the hurdles overcome during its creation.

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9 Great Videogame Flashlights

This month’s release of Remedy’s Quantum Break has us thinking about their previous work, Alan Wake, a game where one of your most valuable weapons is your flashlight. They’re analogous, flashlights and guns. You aim them and use them to affect things at a distance. Model the latter (and oh so many videogames model the latter) and it’s not too difficult to model the former. They can empower, yes, but only in a context where you’re not empowered. Darkness is threatening, and the flashlight is personal. It can’t illuminate everything, and anything outside of its glow becomes more threatening. And because flashlights would be too limited, here are nine videogame Personal Illumination Objects.

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